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FortunatePaws Healing Dog Balm
FortunatePaws Paw Balm
Paw Protect Healing Balm
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Paw Protect Healing Dog Paw Balm

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Natural Balm for Dog Paws, Skin & Noses

Protect Sensitive Skin, Noses, and Paws with our Cat & Dog Balm

If your furry friend is suffering from cracked paws or a dry nose, our 100% natural paw balm can offer some welcome relief. FortunatePaws Paw Protect Healing Balm is designed to not only heal cracked or irritated skin, but to also protect it from further damage. Try some on your pet today and transform their skin from scratchy to smooth!

Benefits of cat and dog paw balm:

Treat and maintain common skin issues naturally

Repair dry and cracked skin, paws and noses

Protects from hot, cold, icy and salty surfaces

Heal burns, cuts and abrasions

Suitable for sensitive skin

What Goes Into Our Dog Balm

When shopping for any natural product, it is always wise to check the ingredients and the fewer ingredients it has, the better for its natural status and your pets. Our balm contains less than ten ingredients, and this is what you can expect from our product:

  • When we say natural, we mean non-toxic and free from additives. Because of this, it is safe in case your pet decides to lick it—no harm, just natural healing and protection.
  • Animals’ senses are more acute than humans’, and smells can easily affect them or irritate their noses. Our dog nose balm has a mild coconut scent that is easy on their nose.
  • Wax, oils and aloe make up most of our paw balm and serves as a dog paw moisturiser, soothing dry skin or cracked dog paws. These ingredients have been included as they serve 2 purposes. The wax provides a protective barrier to protect from hot and cold surfaces, preventing further damage and gives the skin time to heal without added irritation. The natural healing properties of the oils absorb into the applied area allowing for the skin to heal

Combining the paw balm with our hemp seed oil can do wonders for your pet’s health, skin and coat. While the balm gets to work healing the external areas you can see, the hemp seed oil can aid in healing internally. It is a natural way to keep them looking healthy while strengthening their immune system and may provide natural pain relief for cats and dogs and their anxiety.

How to Use Our Cat and Dog Paw Balm

The paw balm works by forming a hydrating barrier over the affected area, protecting it from further damage. Even without any existing condition, the balm works to nourish your pet’s skin and maintain their level of comfort. From rabbits and guinea pigs to cats and dogs, you can apply and massage our balm into their sensitive, exposed skin, taking care to avoid the fur where possible. When applying to dry dog paws, massage paw balm in and allow to dry for 30 seconds per paw. Here is a guide as to when and how often to apply a paw balm:

  • Your pet’s skin may be drier and dehydrated during the winter months. Pay special attention to any changes in their walk or whether they lick their paws continuously. Dry dog paws may be cracked and sensitive and need moisture and protection from the balm. Depending on the severity and how often your pet goes for a walk, you can apply the balm one to two times daily on doggy paws or once a day on cat paws.
  • Depending on how much time your pet spends outside, the exposure to sun or harsh surfaces means that you might need to keep them inside until the affected areas have healed a bit, and then reapply the balm often when they’re back outside, perfect for use as a dog paw moisturiser in this situation.
  • The age, weight, and general condition of your pet will also influence how often you need to apply the balm and how effective it will be. Because this is a natural product, you won’t have to worry about any adverse effects on your pet’s health; it is just pure, natural healing and can only benefit your pet.

The balm is suitable for sensitive skin and may support the healing of cuts, soothe dry, cracked skin, protect their skin from hot surfaces or the environment. It may also help in alleviating skin concerns such as eczema, giving your pet natural relief with a balm that won’t cause them any harm, just comfort and happiness.

Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, White Beeswax, Vegetable Oil, Shea Butter, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E, Aloe.

60g Net Weight

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Robyn S
Kozzie’s Collie Nose

My greyhound has a Collie Nose (a condition usually only found in Collie dogs). He does several things that irritate it causing crusty fissures & raw sore spots. I’d received a sample pot with my hemp oil purchase to help his gut & used the rub for two nights in a row & Wow did it work❣️His nose is soft & pliable after only the 2 applications & the healing process is well under way. Two more applications & it’ll be back to a healthy soft normal pink again. My order is about to be submitted for a bigger pot…

Karyn Ellis
Works well

Excellent products

Edna Pritchard

Has improved our pups paws
Thank you for gift
Quick postage

Shelly Laundy
Good Product

Awesome product and it’s even helped my hands which have had third degree burns. Highly recommend the item

Nalmi Abraham
I think it could be a tiny bit thicker but over all good for moisturising pleasantly uncented

The paw balm works well Could be a tiny bit thicker but overall am happy with the product ingredients and pricing

19 Reviews
4.9 star rating