❔ How many drops of oil can I give my pet?

We offer both Hemp seed oil and Calming hemp oil for pets. The dosage recommended is in millilitres (ml) as per the dripper provided. However the conversion for 1 drop of oil is approx. 0.02ml.

0.5ml is ~25 drops,  0.75ml is ~37 drops,  1.0ml is ~50 drops,  1.5ml is ~75 drops and 2.0ml is ~100 drops.

❔ Can chicken be fed with Hemp seed oil?

When your pet is on an chicken-based diet, it is best to double check with your vet if they can have Hemp seed oil. As chicken and hemp seed oil are both high in polyunsaturated fats; omega 3 & 6, serving both together regularly could affect your dog's daily fat intake and cause more harm than good. If your pet is happy to eat other meats, you could feed hemp seed oil on alternate days to when your pet has chicken and still enjoy the benefits both have to offer.

❔ How long will it take to receive my order?

We provide standard and express shipping and aim to fulfill all orders within 1-2 business days. Depending where you live and if the shipping provider is experiencing any delays, you should receive your order within 2-7 business days. If Australia Post are experiencing delays, Express can take up to 5 business days and standard can take up to 16 business days.

❔ How much is the Shipping fee? 

We have a flat rate fee of $9.00 for standard postage or $12.00 for express postage. We only offer delivery within Australia at the moment, if you are overseas and wish to order please send us a private message and we may be able to arrange postage for you. If you order over $80 you will qualify for free express delivery, within Australia.

❔ Do you ship outside of Australia?

Unfortunately not at this stage, but we may in the future. If you wish to order from overseas you can send us a private enquiry and we can look into it further for you. 

❔ How do I know what I'm feeding my pet?

We aim to provide your pet with the best ingredients possible so all of our products have the ingredients listed on the label. You can decide if it's right for you and your pet by knowing exactly what you are getting.

❔ My pet doesn't have any symptoms, is this still ok to use?

Of course! Think of them like a daily vitamin for your pet. The Hemp Oil for Pets is 100% pure human-grade Hemp seed oil so it is a perfect addition of Omega fatty acids to your pets diet.  

❔ How do I give my pet the Hemp Oil?

You can give the oil to your pet from the dropper, directly in their mouth, if they let you. However, we found with our dogs it was easiest to mix in to their food. Can be given once a day or up to 3 times a day, depending on your pets needs. Start off with once a day and allow a week or so before increasing amounts. Being a natural product allow 1-3 weeks for the oil to start working its magic and for you to notice any difference within your pet.


❔ Is the Paw Protect Healing Balm only for paws?

Our paw balm is great for all skin areas on pets. We have found it works well on paws and noses but also great for any skin area such as ears, snouts, tails, sores, hot spots etc. The natural ingredients in our balm are designed to creative a protective wax layer on the surface while soaking in and moisturizing and repairing the area. For best results apply daily.

❔ Can I give the Hemp Oil and Chews together?

Yes, in fact we recommend both products as they work well in combination with each other. As long as you stick to the dosage guides for your pet's weight category, you will not over dose your pet on either product.