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MellowPet Omega Drops 120ml | FortunatePaws
MellowPet Omega Drops 120ml | FortunatePaws
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MellowPet Omega Drops 120ml | FortunatePaws

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MellowPet Omega Drops for Dogs and Cats – Feed supplement

Previously known as Calm Oil for Pets, we have now rebranded to MellowPet Omega Drops, same great product, but now with a new look! Please bear with us while the current stock of Calm Oil for Pets is replenished with the new stock.

Our MellowPet Omega Drops is an unwinding, tranquil blend of some of the best mother nature has to offer, with our hemp seed oil. Offering an uplifting, balancing feed supplement, for use with cats and dogs. With its natural, plant-based nutrition, bring some zen back into your pets’ lifestyle.

Available to purchase in 30ml or 120ml sizes with discounts on available multi-packs. 

 Helps maintain normal skin and coat health

Ideal ratio of Omega 3, 6 & 9

 Natural plant-based energy source

No artificial preservatives or additives

 Sourced direct from Aussie farmers

 Human-grade quality


Daily feeding guide

Check the chart below for suggested feeding amounts, or as directed by a veterinarian. Can be used in combination with all Fortunate Paws products. This is a guide only and amounts may vary according to your pet’s size, age and activity levels. We suggest feeding 0.25ml – 0.5ml per 100g of feed.

Pet size

Volume (ml)

Very Small (<5 kg)

0.25 ml

Small (5 kg-10 kg)

0.25ml – 0.75ml

Medium (10 kg – 25 kg)

0.75 ml – 1.5 ml

Large (25 kg – 50 kg)

1.5 ml – 3.0 ml

Very Large (>50 kg)

3.0 ml – 5.0 ml


Shake well before each use. Hemp seed oil can be taken daily, or when required, as part of a healthy, balanced diet. We suggest starting with a small amount of oil added to your pets feed, then build up over time. It is also recommended to discuss any health concerns with your vet.

Why is hemp seed oil good for dogs and cats?

Hemp seed oil is rich in two essential fatty acids: Linolenic acid (Omega-3) and Linoleic acid (Omega-6). Being polyunsaturated fats, these are not produced naturally by your pet’s body (or even ours!) and is best to be included in their diet.

Our Hemp Seed Oil for Pets is cold pressed straight from the hemp seed. It has no added fillers or artificial preservatives, making it a healthy omega oil supplement for dogs and cats, plus a lovingly crafted blend for your pet to enjoy in their feed.

For more information on our Hemp Seed Oil for Pets click here

Note: It is not recommended to cook or heat oil as it may turn rancid.

Ingredients: Cold pressed hemp seed oil (99.5%), terpene extract (0.5%)(beta-caryophyllene, linalool, humulene)

Does not contain THC or CBD.


Disclaimer: Nutritional supplement product for inclusion in animal’s feed. Product has no therapeutic effect. For animal consumption only. 

⬇️ The reviews below are anecdotal accounts of customers' experience with the product and are subjective. We do not endorse any therapeutic claims made in the reviews.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

This has been amazing.
My very nervous/high strung kitty now seems much more relaxed and happy 😊 🐈‍⬛

Lisa Spargo

Calming Oil for Pets 120ml

Susan Doust
Anxiety Relief

I’ve Only been using it for a short while but seems to having a positive effect.


Doggy loves it


Works great

0 star rating