Paw Protect Healing Balm - Natural Balm for Pets Skin, Paws & Noses

Paw Protect healing Balm

How are your Pet’s Paws? Are the long walks drying them out? Does your dog have a skin condition or a dry nose? We can help with our all-natural, moisturising balm. Apply a small amount to the effected area and allow our balm to heal, protect and maintain from further damage. Using all-natural ingredients, you can rest assured there is no harm to your pet if they decide to have a taste test.

Why use a Paw Balm?

Bring your pet relief with our Paw Protect Healing Balm, used to heal, and protect from the harsh elements! Our Balm is very versatile and can be used on all skin areas on many different pets of all ages including dogs, cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs. Apply daily for maintenance or when an injury occurs. Our paw balm has all-natural ingredients designed to heal dry, cracked skin, plus it forms a barrier to moisturise and protect from further damage. Ideal for use all year round to combat the weather conditions your pet endures such as hot pavement, salty, sandy beaches, or cold, wet cement. Hydrate and nourish your pet’s skin to maintain a high level of comfort. Combine our balm with the addition of Hemp Seed Oil to your pets diet and their skin will be radiant and healthy in no time.

By using our easy to apply balm that smells divine, you can treat and maintain common issues known to plague Dogs and Cats skin, paws and noses. This includes skin irritations, minor infections, discomfort, dry, flaky skin including treatment of known skin conditions such as allergies, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis or to heal and soothe burns and abrasions. It is recommended to check with your vet if you have any concerns for your pet’s health. Pamper your feline or pooch and return their skin from dry, rough, scratchy pads to healthy, smooth, luxurious paws.

Ingredients and the Benefits to your Pet

The ingredients used in FortunatePaws Paw Protect Healing Balm are 100% natural and safe for use in pets. Designed to create a barrier so the skin can start the healing process. With moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties your pets’ skin will be as good as new in no time!

Sunflower Seed Oil has been included in our balm as it is high in Vitamin E, a protective antioxidant known for its damage repair, regenerating cells, and hydrating properties. Known to be effective in helping skin conditions such as eczema, irritations, and redness.

Coconut Oil is a key ingredient with its anti-inflammatory properties, it can aid in pain relief and reducing inflammation. As Coconut Oil contains medium-chain fatty acids it can be beneficial in protecting the skin and wounds from harmful bacteria, naturally helping reduce risk of infection.

White Beeswax is a wonder of nature. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which like the coconut oil aids in natural pain relief and reducing inflammation which in turn helps to heal. Rich in Vitamin A, beeswax supports cell health and regeneration and as a wax substance it is a great barrier protecting the area from external environmental factors aiding the healing process.  

Vegetable Oil contains natural vitamins and nutrients ideal for nourishing the skin. It helps to regenerate, soften, and moisturise unhealthy skin, bringing it back to its original, healthy state.

Shea Butter is packed full of Vitamins and minerals ideal for use on the skin as it leaves it nourished, softened, soothes and moisturised. Due to the vitamins Shea butter is and anti-inflammatory agent and possesses healing properties giving your pet relief from any skin conditions they may be experiencing.

Carnauba Wax is a hypoallergenic ingredient great for hydration of dry, flaky, chapped skin. It will smooth and repair damage and creates a protective barrier from external factors as it is soft but provides a protective layer on the skin when applied.

Candelilla Wax is nutrient dense and will repair, soothe and prevent moisture loss in the skin. Also known as a binding agent this wax works well to combine all the ingredients together into a soft, smooth balm.

As mentioned, Vitamin E, is a protective antioxidant. It is used for its damage repair, regenerating cells and hydrating properties. Known for its moisturising properties, it eases itchiness from dry skin, preventing more damage being done from scratching. Aiding in the problems associated with skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. Vitamin E is also beneficial as an after-sun skin treatment as it will help to soothe burns.

Aloe is an amazing medicinal plant. It contains numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It is a naturally healing plant with antibacterial properties that block any bad bacteria causing infections. Aloe is known to speed up the healing process, so it is a key ingredient when treating wounds, sores, and burns. Aloe is great for dry skin conditions as it helps to keep the skin moist and nourished.

Why choose FortunatePaws - Paw Protect Healing Balm

We are a small Australian family business with your pet’s health in mind, as our own dogs are at the forefront of our business when it comes to the products we offer. Our Paw Protect Healing Balm is of high quality and all-natural ingredients, no fillers, or artificial preservatives, so there is no harm to your pet. By buying from FortunatePaws you are not only supporting small business, but you also support pets in need as we aim to donate a portion of profits to less fortunate paws.

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