How to give hemp seed oil to your Dog and/or Cat

We get asked quite often how to use our Hemp seed oil so here is a quick video showing how we like to do it for our dogs at home.

Our girl Ziva gets 2 Total Health - Healthy Pet Hemp Chews and 1ml of Hempseed Oil daily with her dinner. In the video you can see it is as simple as dripping the daily dosage of oil into their food (wet, dry or mixed - it works either way). The chews can be given direct or if you have a fussy eater crumble and mix in with other food.

Hemp Seed Oil can also be used externally and is great for the skin both inside and out. If needed apply a small amount to the effected area and massage in. Or alternatively, you can use our Paw Protect Healing balm. Click here for more information.

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