3 Tips to Make the Most Out of Our Calming Medication for Dogs

Stress happens to all of us - even to our furry family members. For this reason, it’s important your pet gets a good dose of self-care from time to time.

With the right calming medication, you can rest assured that your pet’s nerves will go away. Say hello, to hemp seed oil - your natural dog anxiety treatment go-to.

Our calming medication for dogs offers a wide range of benefits for dog anxiety or restless pups, but how do you make sure your furry companion is getting the most out of it? And how do you ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck? 

To help you and your dog enjoy the maximum benefit of our pet calming oils, here are three tips to keep in mind:

1.    Check the Dosage Requirements

Our Hemp Seed Oil For Pets product doesn’t resolve the problem in one night. To see the best results, it is essential to take the supplement every day. Over time, you’ll start to see a positive change to the noticeable anxiety symptoms in dogs.  The recommended dosage is based on their weight and as suggested by their vet.


Start by using it once daily, using a simple drop added to meals or straight in their mouth. After a week, you can eventually work your way up to providing 2 to 3 doses per day if needed. You can mix all the hemp products so long as your dog’s consumption of hemp oil is no more than 10 ml. 

As it is a natural supplement, it’s best to wait 1 to 3 weeks before seeing a major difference in your pet’s health and well-being. 

Our Calming Oil For Pets works specifically if your furry friend suffers from situational anxiety. This could be if your pet is nervous travelling, in unfamiliar territory, during storms, out of its comfort zone or perhaps you have a puppy with separation anxiety. After administering the correct dosage, you can expect it to give your pet anxiety relief within 30-60 minutes after use.

As a disclaimer, please speak with your vet to get the appropriate dosage instructions and dietary recommendations as catered to your pet’s needs.


2.     Internal and External Application

There is not only one way but two ways you can get the most out of our calming medication for dogs. As we’ve mentioned, your dog can consume our products by mixing the oil into their food or directly dropping it inside their mouth if they allow you to. Another great way you can use our Hemp Seed Oil For Pets product is by applying it topically onto their skin. This is great if your dog has dry skin or rashes, providing instant external relief. You can even use it for a massage as a way to remove tension and reduce anxiety. Doing both internal and external applications can help your pet take advantage of its magical powers. 

As a disclaimer, it is recommended to only take our Calming Oil For Pets product internally, not externally.


Our Paw Protect Healing Balm is also the perfect choice to use for topical application and massage. Take a look to see how it can help your furry friend feel comfortable in their own skin.

You could also spend some time grooming your pet if they are feeling anxious. A great tool to use is a grooming brush and our natural No Knots Detangling Spray to ease out any knots and discomfort your pets fur may have. Regular brushing creates a bond with your pet and also promotes a clean and healthy coat by removing dead hair/skin and stimulating the skins surface.


3.    Keep to Storage Recommendations

It is best not to cook or overheat the oil, as this can reduce the overall quality of the product. For this reason, it is recommended to store dog anxiety medication as per storage guidelines, to avoid it turning rancid. To maintain the freshness and quality, it is highly recommended to keep it refrigerated once opened. By doing so, you can extend the shelf life of the product, allowing you to save money and use it for months before needing to restock your supply.



Give These Tips a Try 

Our calming medication for dogs is designed to be easy-to-use, but the tips above can make you and your pet’s journey that little bit easier. 

At Fortunate Paws, we’ve made it our mission to provide natural and simple remedies that truly uplift the lives of our pets. If you’d like to know more about how our calming medication products can help your pet, get in touch.


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