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Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats – CBD Isolate 250MG

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Available in the following:

1 x Hemp Oil for Pets - 250MG Isolate $65.00

2 Pack of Hemp Oil for Pets - 250MG Isolate $120.00

3 Pack of Hemp Oil for Pets - 250MG Isolate $165.00

4 Pack of Hemp Oil for Pets - 250MG Isolate $200.00 

Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats – CBD Isolate 250MG

Combined with our 100% Australian hemp seed oil in a 30ml bottle our CBD Isolate dietary supplement may assist with more serious health conditions experienced by cats and dogs eg. chronic pain/injuries, arthritis, epilepsy, severe behavioural changes.

Possible effects of CBD Isolate:

 Anticonvulsant for seizures

 Anxiety & depression relief

 Muscle & tension relaxant

 Antioxidant for cell health 

 Nervous system protection

 Natural anti-inflammatory

Why use CBD Isolate on dogs and cats? 

CBD Isolate only contains CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, and affects the cannabinoid receptors in the body. This can lead to positive changes and healing to occur throughout the body. A natural option to consider for your pet's health needs, unlike full spectrum oil, it does not contain THC. 

As our premium Australian hemp seed oil is the carrier oil for the CBD Isolate, you get the benefits both have to offer. Hemp seed oil is rich in two essential fatty acids: Alpha-Linolenic acid (Omega-3) and Linoleic acid (Omega-6). Being polyunsaturated fats, these cannot be produced naturally by your pet’s body (or even ours!) and need to be included in their diet.

Omega fatty acids also help with brain function and development. Hemp seed oil also contains Omega 9, a monounsaturated fat, which is said to improve cardiovascular, skin, and coat health, plus boost the immune system.

Our Hemp Seed Oil for Pets is pure and cold-pressed straight from the hemp seed. It contains no fillers or artificial preservatives, making it a healthy hemp oil supplement for dogs and cats.

Recommended dosage

Check the chart below for recommended daily dose. Dosage is determined by weight or as directed by a veterinarian. CBD Isolate can be taken daily for maintenance with a regular dose or if required, a strong dose.

Shake well before every use. Can be given by dripping oil in to pets mouth or mixed in with their food. Use daily to ensure best results. 


Regular Dose

Strong Dose

0 - 9kg

0.25ml - 0.5ml

0.5ml - 1.0ml

9 - 18kg

0.5ml - 1.0ml

1.0ml - 2.0ml


1.0ml - 2.0ml

2.0ml - 3.0ml

Over 45kg

2.0ml - 3.0ml

3.0ml - 5.0ml

How to give hemp oil to dogs and cats

Allow your pet to enjoy a range of health benefits with a simple drop of oil into their food or directly into their mouth. Hemp oil is best taken as a daily diet supplement over time and not treated like a quick fix. It is also recommended to discuss any health concerns with your vet.



Hemp Extract (99% CBD isolate), pure cold-pressed hemp seed oil. 

1ml (1 full dropper) contains 8.3mg of CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate contains 0% THC.

Note: It is not recommended to cook or heat oil as it may turn rancid. Can be used in conjunction with all FortunatePaws hemp products. Maximum daily hemp seed oil consumption is no more than 10ml.

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