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What are the Benefits of Hemp Biscuits for Pets?

Benefits of Hemp Biscuits

If you’re looking to give your four-legged friend the perfect treat to chomp on that’s mixed with natural goodness, look no further.

At Fortunate Paws, we offer a range of delectable hemp biscuits, including our Peanut Butter Hemp Biscuits, Cricket Protein Hemp Biscuits and Beef Liver Hemp Biscuits.

Each of these nibbles poses a variety of benefits, such as providing a source of fibre and omega fatty acids, as well as supporting gut health.

In this guide, we’ll explore further the many advantages of our hemp biscuits for your canine and feline pals.

*Disclaimer: While hemp biscuits provide numerous health benefits, it’s important to consider your pet’s dietary needs and consult with a veterinarian before introducing new foods into their diet. Our products are designed to complement a well-rounded diet and should be given as part of a balanced nutritional plan.*

What are the Benefits of Hemp Biscuits?

High in Protein

Our hemp biscuits are exceptionally high in protein, crucial for muscle maintenance and overall health. This is especially beneficial in our Cricket Protein Hemp Biscuit. Cricket protein is a sustainable, high-quality protein source that surpasses traditional meat proteins in amino acid composition.

Ideal Ratio of Omega 3, 6 & 9

Our biscuits boast an ideal ratio of Omega 3, 6, and 9, essential fatty acids for promoting healthy skin and coat, reducing inflammation, and supporting heart health. This balance ensures your pet receives comprehensive nutritional benefits for their well-being.

Source of Fibre

Fibre is essential for a healthy digestive system, and hemp biscuits are an excellent source. They help to regulate bowel movements, prevent constipation, and maintain gut health, ensuring your pet’s digestive system runs smoothly.

Support Good Gut Health

Beyond fibre, hemp biscuits contain compounds that support the overall health of your pet’s gut. They contribute to a balanced gut microbiota, which is vital for nutrient absorption, immune system function, and even mood regulation.

No Added Preservatives or Additives

In line with our commitment to your pet’s health, Fortunate Paws’ hemp biscuits contain no added preservatives or additives. This ensures that your pet is enjoying a treat that’s not only delicious but also as wholesome and natural as possible, perfect for pets and pet owners who prioritise purity and quality in their dietary choices.

Our Hemp Biscuit Product Range

Peanut Butter Hemp Biscuits

A classic favourite, our Peanut Butter Hemp Biscuits combine the irresistible taste of peanut butter with the nutritional benefits of hemp. These treats are perfect for pets who enjoy a crunchy, flavourful snack while getting a dose of healthy proteins, omega fatty acids, and fibre. Ideal for supporting skin health, digestion and providing an energy boost.

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Cricket Protein Hemp Biscuits

For the adventurous pet, our Cricket Protein Hemp Biscuits offer a unique and sustainable protein source. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these biscuits are high in protein and rich in omega fatty acids, promoting lean muscle development, healthy skin, and a shiny coat. Plus, they support good gut health with their high fibre content.

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Beef Liver Hemp Biscuits

Rich in flavour and nutrients, our Beef Liver Hemp Biscuits are a hit among pets. The beef liver provides a high-quality protein source, while the hemp adds a bounty of omega fatty acids, essential for maintaining healthy skin and coat, supporting heart health, and aiding in digestion. These biscuits are a wholesome, tasty treat your pets will beg for.

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Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Right Hemp Biscuits for Your Furry Friend

When selecting hemp biscuits for dogs, consider the following factors:

  • The dog’s size, since serving size and potency can differ according to a dog’s weight
  • Additional ingredients such as Tryptophan and B-group vitamins, which can facilitate relaxation and overall health support

The Hemp Biscuits That Are Truly a Treat

Discover the incredible power of hemp treats, a superfood snack that does wonders for your pet’s health and happiness.

At Fortunate Paws, our lovingly crafted range of hemp biscuits is packed with the goodness of essential amino acids, fatty acids, and the natural benefits of hemp seed oil, ensuring your pet gets more than just a tasty treat.

With our specially curated selection, there’s a hemp biscuit that perfectly suits every pet’s palate. Let your furry friend indulge in our Hemp Biscuits and watch them in delight with every bite.

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