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hemp oil for pets
Hemp Seed Oil for Pets
Hemp Seed Oil for Pets
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Hemp Seed Oil for Pets 120ml

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Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats – Healthy Diet Supplement

Assist your furry friend’s overall health with our natural and 100% Australian hemp seed oil

 Hemp Seed Oil Benefits:

Pain, Anxiety & Stress Relief

Hip & Joint Support

  Balance of Omega 3, 6 & 9

  Strengthens Immunity

  Improves Skin & Coat Health

  Improves Sleep

Why is hemp seed oil good for dogs and cats?

Hemp seed oil is rich in two essential fatty acids: Alpha-Linolenic acid (Omega-3) and Linoleic acid (Omega-6). Being polyunsaturated fats, these cannot be produced naturally by your pet’s body (or even ours!) and need to be included in their diet.

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is a specific type of fatty acid found within Omega 6 which has anti-inflammatory properties and can aid digestion and weight management. Omega fatty acids also help with brain function and development. Hemp seed oil also contains Omega 9, a monounsaturated fat, which is said to improve cardiovascular, skin, and coat health, plus boost the immune system.

Our Hemp Seed Oil for Pets is pure and cold-pressed straight from the hemp seed. It contains no fillers or artificial preservatives, making it a healthy hemp oil supplement for dogs and cats. Choose from two convenient sizes to suit your pet: 30ml or 120ml. Multi packs are also available at a discounted price.

How to give hemp seed oil to dogs and cats

Allow your pet to enjoy a range of health benefits with a simple drop of oil into their food or directly into their mouth. Hemp seed oil is best taken as a daily diet supplement over time and not treated like a quick fix. It is also recommended to discuss any health concerns with your vet.

Recommended dosage

Check the chart below for recommended daily dose. Dosage is determined by weight or as directed by a veterinarian. Use once a day and increase up to 2-3 times daily if required. Can be used in combination with all FortunatePaws hemp products. Maximum daily hemp oil consumption is no more than 10ml. 

Weight Dosage
Less than 9kg (20lbs) 0.5ml
9kg - 22kg (21lbs - 49lbs) 1.0ml
Over 22kg (50lbs) 2.0ml



Note: It is not recommended to cook or heat oil as it may turn rancid.

For more information on our Hemp Seed Oil for Pets click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Debra Oosterbeek
Hemp Oil

We've only had our Jack Russell on this product for about 3 weeks, he's still limping (back leg) from time to time but seems improved, no vet diagnosis just treating for possibly arthritis or a strain as he is 11 years old.

Should of used it years ago

My red dog is a anxious nervous dog around other people and new things even road walks gets abit sketchy awesome family dog just hates other people , I've only been using it a week and can notice a massive difference in her deep sleeping at night snoring her head off ,doesn't seem on edge when regular visitors come over and calms down alot quicker around them just seems like it has settled her down in general , licks the bowl clean ever night . The little dog is 18 and does seem to be moving round abit easier . Highly recommend this product my dog is only gonna get better over time with it .

What a Lifesaver!!!

We have two dogs. One has very bad separation anxiety when we leave him inside the house and everything was getting chewed up, so decided to try this oil. The rottie X is so much calmer now. Not so scared of new people and WOW has it made a difference! Such a calmer dog that we can actually leave inside the house without something being eaten to pieces. Still get excited when you come home but the dogs are a lot more controlled.

Michelle Walker
A new lease on life

My dog is terrified of fireworks and thunder, and living in the NT plenty of both. Been using the hemp oil for a week now and I am seeing a significant change in her. Much less stress yawning and while still terrified of fireworks not as bad reaction. Really pleased with the progress and highly recommend!


I've noticed a slight improvement, however more time is needed. Cheers....Bert.

211 Reviews
4.8 star rating