Everything You Need To Know About Simply Seaweed

Everything You Need To Know About Simply Seaweed

As every owner will attest, finding effective products that improve natural dental hygiene for pets can sometimes be a challenge, especially with such a diverse range of offerings out there in the market. At Fortunate Paws, we have always maintained a strict focus on products and ranges that are natural, organic, sustainable, and most of all – effective for your furry friends.  


Simply Seaweed is a perfect example of our mission to provide and promote the very best treatment options and meaningful alternatives to chemical-laden options.


Oral health in our furry friends is essential to keep an eye on, unlike us humans they cannot always verbalise when something is amiss. We also understand our responsibility that when we provide the very best options of natural dental hygiene for pets, we need to ensure that it’s backed up by research and assurances.


For today’s blog, we’re going to shine a spotlight on Simply Seaweed and explore a few of the reasons why we think it’s the optimal choice of natural dental hygiene for pets, as well as answer a few of the more common questions you may have about it.

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So, what is in it?

The product contains 100% ‘Ascophyllum Nodosum’ which is a very special species of underwater algae that has incredibly beneficial properties that improve oral health and ease maintenance. While the name sort of gives it away, it is fair to assume that some products can be a little misleading at times.

Luckily, Simply Seaweed is exactly what it describes itself to be – Simple and singular. 

How Simply Seaweed Stands Above Other Alternatives

So now that we know what it is, let’s explore a few of the reasons that we think it stands above the other alternative natural dental hygiene products for pets out there.


Not Irradiated Or Heat Treated

One of the most impressive aspects of the product is that it is not heat-treated in the packaging process. The practice is unfortunately common in other products which can cause damage or hinder the overall efficacy and benefits of the substance. The lack of heat treatment ensures the maximal benefit is still felt. 

The lack of irradiation treatment is also a big boost in its reputation for our furry friends as it makes it perfectly safe for most cats.


Heavy Metal Tested & DNA Verified

Our Simply Seaweed provider has assurances and DNA standards for ensuring that each and every product we ship is 100% Ascophyllum Nodosum thus ensuring purity and trustworthiness in the process.

There’s also the assurance of heavy metals testing to ensure the product contains levels of heavy metals that are well within the limits of the Food Standards of Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ2002).


Certified Organic

Fortunate Paws was formed based on the notion and idea that our furry friends deserve products and treatments that are free of pesticides, GMOs, and contaminants and can be considered sustainable and ethical treatment alternatives to traditional approaches. Once again, Simply Seaweed fits the bill with a certified organic accreditation. 

An Ethical Australian Business Model

We love supporting small businesses, that’s why our sole supplier is the parent company itself which is based in Perth and supports small businesses and independent ones like ours. They also have an ethical business model in donating and fundraising for animal welfare projects.


A Few Common Questions  

Is It Safe if My Pet Is Allergic To Seafood?

As the product is an underwater haven for sea life, there can be traces of marine life that can be found in any given product from the oceans, especially algae-based substances. If your furry friend has any serious shellfish or fish allergy, we cannot recommend using Simply Seaweed. If you’re unsure of your furry friend’s allergens or sensitivities, it is best to consult with your vet before giving them any product.


Is Simply Seaweed Safe For Sensitive Stomachs?

Everyone is a little different, every stomach will have a slightly different reaction to substances (regardless of the source). While Ascophyllum Nodosum is typically agreeable to most stomachs, it is always best practice to start with a small amount of Simply Seaweed, in the beginning, to determine how it impacts your furry friend.


Are There Any Sneaky Additives or Preservatives In It?

Not a single one is found which is yet another reason we love supplying and couldn’t recommend it enough as a wonderful alternative natural dental hygiene treatment for pets.


Where Is Ascophyllum Nodosum Sourced From?

Sadly, Ascophyllum Nodosum is not naturally found in Australia’s waters, therefore it is ethically sourced from other countries (notably Canada and Ireland where it is plentiful and natural). 


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