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Salmon Flakes meal topper 85g and 250g

Healthy Meal Topper for Cats & Dogs | Salmon Flakes 85g & 250g

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Salmon Flakes 85g & 250g – Healthy Meal Topper for Dogs & Cats

Looking for a natural and healthy treat for your furry friend? Our Salmon Flakes Meal Topper has been specially handcrafted to give your pets a tasty, healthy addition to any meal. 

Benefits of these natural dog treats

  High in good, polyunsaturated fats

  High Protein

  Low Allergen

  No Additives

  High in Omega 3

  Natural Antioxidant

  Rich in Vitamin B, Potassium and Selenium

  Contains Essential Amino Acids

What’s in our Healthy Meal Toppers for Cats and Dogs?

FortunatePaws Salmon Flakes have been made with one ingredient only, 100% pure Atlantic Tasmanian Salmon. That’s all there is! The human-grade fish has been air-dried and carefully crumbled to form an irresistible addition to any pet's meal whilst maintaining the highest quality and nutrients fish has to offer our furry loved ones! 

What makes these the best treats?

We’re proud to say there are no fillers, synthetics, GMOs or artificial ingredients in our Salmon Flakes, making them a tasty, healthy treat that can be used as an everyday food addition to your pets of all ages and sizes. 

Being flakes and smaller in size, our Salmon Flakes Meal Topper is also the perfect addition to smaller cats and dogs or pets that have little to no teeth, meaning no fur- baby misses out!

Tips for giving your pet Salmon Flakes

Recommended to give as a food topper only and not as a meal replacement. Should not exceed more than 10% of daily food intake. Check the dosage chart below to see the maximum daily amount your pet can have!

DOGS Maximum Daily Intake: CATS Maximum Daily Intake:
(< 10kg)
3-6g or 1-2 tsp Small
(< 5kg)
2g or 1/2 tsp
(10kg - 25kg)
6-10g or 2-3 tsp Medium
(5kg - 10kg)
3-4g or 1 tsp
( > 25kg)
10-15g or 3-5 tsp Large
( > 10kg)
4-6g or 1-2 tsp

Our Healthy Meal Toppers will last 12 months unopened. Once opened use within 30 days. To keep these natural dog treats fresh reseal packet after each use.

Store in a cool, dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Atlantic Tasmanian Salmon

85G & 250G Net Weight

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marie Foster
So yummy - Mr Monty

Our Monty boy is allergic to almost everything and keeping him healthy is a challenge, however, salmon is on his top things to look forward to daily. He just loves the flakes and I love that we are giving him the best products to keep him healthy.
Well done guys!

Helen Burrowes
a great little find

So happy to have found the company - I bough a few of the hemp products and my loves them.

Deepa M Vijayenthiran
Great topping!

My cavoodle loves his food when topped with the flakes.

Ireni Steczkowicz
Loving The Salmon

Our fish loving dog gives this the thumbs up.

Carly Allen
Great good topper

My 3 dogs love the taste and that little something extra that makes dinner time exciting.

4 Reviews
5 star rating